Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So you all have heard about M.A.C cosmetics, right? Well, they're one of my obsessions right now and I cannot get enough of them. A week back I went to shop for lipsticks for my friend and I got curious about their liquid foundations and asked for a sample, the MA was very nice and she helped me out with the shade that matched my skin tone. After trying it, I went back and get myself the Select Foundation SPF 15 in NC40 and Sheer Pressed powder in NC40 as well... I also bought a concealer Pro Long wear, but I did not like the result of it on my dark circles so I returned it and got it exchanged for a Studio Fix Powder Foundation and a Lipstick - Sheen Supreme and it's called Insanely It! And I really loved all the products that I got from M.A.C, it's worth every penny and I would really invest on this items if I were you. :)

So with the foundation and powder I find it really good because you don't need to re-apply it after few hours, they last really long and doesn't come off. The liquid foundation is not the typical heavy foundation that feels so thick on the skin and it has this matte finish which is great because my face is usually oily.
The lipstick was just awesome! I loved the colour on me and I like how it lasts really long! :) I am definitely gonna buy more M.A.C lipsticks! :)

Here are the photos of the items that I got from M.A.C!



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